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Akoya Cultured Pearls

Akoya Cultured PearlsAkoya cultured pearls are one of the most popular cultured pea4rls in the world,. They are grown in saltwater oceans and have a high quality luster and beautiful roundness that make them ideal for necklaces and earrings.

Probably the best color is white with pink overtones. This matches and complements the various skin tones.

With akoya pearls, the nacre should be thick so that one is unable to see the core. The luster should be high and there should be no organic matter or calcite that results in a muddy gray or brown appearance.

Akoya cultured pearls should be round and without blemishes such as pits or bumps but perfectly smooth. There should be no chipping or pealing of the nacre either.

Akoya cultured pearls should be well set in good quality settings such as 18 karat gold or platinum. Where there is more than one pearl, such as in a necklace for example, the pearls should be round and matched either all the same size or a gradual increase in size. The akoya cultured pearl is usually bigger, smoother and more lustrous than the freshwater pearl and they really should never be mixed.

It is important to maintain ones akoya cultured pearls and keep them in good condition. Do not use any chemicals, bleaches or acids to clean the pearls, They can ruin them. Warm soapy water and rinsed well is probably the safest. Completely dry the pearls and store in a safe place away from heat and other gems such as diamonds which may scratch the pearls.

Akoya cultured pearls are among the most beautiful of all pearls and should be treated with the best care and attention one can bestow.

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