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Freshwater Pearls Necklace

Freshwater pearls are seldom round and are usually irregular so to get a good freshwater pearl necklace is a treasure indeed.

The freshwater pearl is produced by a mollusk that lives in freshwater as distinct to seawater. It comes from rivers, streams and pools or lakes then rather than the ocean.
Japan, China and the US are the biggest produces of freshwater pearls.

Freshwater pearls have a wide range of colors including white, silvery white, pink, salmon, red, copper, bronze, brown, lavender, purple, green, blue, cream, and yellow. The various colors are produced as a result of the various species of mollusks, quality of water and the position of the pearl in the oyster among other factors. A freshwater necklace can be difficult to put together due to the diverse range of colors and shapes. This makes a freshwater necklace fairly rare or expensive.

Freshwater Pearl NecklaceFreshwater cultured pearls are easier as they have been specifically cultured to form a certain color and to some degree the same.

Most freshwater pearl necklaces will be cultured pearls. White is the most common of the colors but the pastel colors such as rose, pink, lavender for example, are the most sought after. A pearl usually takes on the color of the shell in which it is enclosed.

When buying any freshwater pearl necklace always ensure you get a certificate of authenticity to show what the actual pearls are. Doing this and practicing common sense and some due diligence when you purchase your freshwater pearl necklace will help to ensure you get a freshwater necklace that will give you years of enjoyment and pleasure.

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