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Mikimoto Pearls

Mikimoto PearlsMikimoto pearls are often referred to as ‘Hanadama’ or Flower pearls. This indicates the finest quality of pearls which Mikimoto is considered to be. The important factors that denote beauty in a pearl are color, shape, smoothness and also luster. As is nacre thickness or the thickness of the layers of nacre which the oyster puts around the irritant that then makes the pearl.

Kokichi Mikimoto, considered the father of the cultured pearl once said, “I would like to adorn the necks of all the women of the world with pearls”. And with the perfectly round cultured pearl this dream has come a little closer to reality with the name Mikimoto becoming famous around the world. Mikimoto pearls are, rightly, among the most expensive and are now available in Mikimoto and other outlets around the world.

It takes about 4 years to create a cultured pearl and many of the oysters die after the irritant is inserted, so do not produce an adequate pearl. Of the rest most of the pearls are of poor quality but the five percent that are the Hanadama pearls make up for all the labor, loss and time with their beautiful exquisite quality and luster.

Pearl farms, such as at Mikimoto island, in Japan, is where the breeding and raising of oysters occurs. The preparation and culturing process is maintained.

The temperature has to be just right and the oysters are moved around each year to ensure that the temperature is right for the harvesting.

Mikimoto pearls are considered the best in the world and if you manage to get some or even just one, enjoy it for the beauty it will give you.

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