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Pearl Necklace

To get a good pearl necklace means the pearls would all need to match so cultivated pearls would be the best option.

There are many types of pearls one can have in a pearl necklace, White akoya pearls, black Tahitian pearls and the many other colors and types of pearls available.

Wearing pearls is very much a personal thing. What color and size of pearls suit your skin tone and sense of style and fashion?

Would you like to wear a single string of white pearls? Or a multi string of rose colored pearls?

Also your budget will probably determine the quality and number of pearls you can wear to a large extent.

When you are looking for a pearl necklace that suits you do a lot of browsing and checking out of pearls in a few jewelery shops. Do not be afraid of going into the most expensive shops if they are within your reach,. You may not be able to afford several thousand dollars for a string of top quality pearls but you can see them, perhaps even feel them, and get a good understanding of what they are like and how they feel.

This is very helpful when it comes to looking at some that might be in your price range. The more familiar you and experienced you can get with handling pearls the better you will become at picking out a quality necklace that suits you and which you will be happy to wear.

Some pearl necklaces have pearls that are all the same, others have a gradual change in size from the largest in the center and gradually getting smaller towards the end.

Pearl NecklaceNatural pearls are less likely to be in a necklace as they are not always perfectly round and it is most rare to get a number of natural pearls all the same for a necklace. They would most likely be more suitable for earrings or a pendant perhaps. Cultured pearls would be most likely in a necklace so do ensure, when you make a purchase, that there is a certificate that explains the type of pearls and information regarding the quality of them. This comes in handy for insurance purposes as well as giving you some peace of mind that you have got what you paid for.

Do not rely on the jewelers verbal statement about how wonderful a pearl necklace is. Check yourself and check the certificate yourself.

Buying your own pearl necklace can be a lot of fun and very exciting provided you use a bit of common sense and do heaps of browsing.

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