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Pearls Wholesale

Pearls WholesaleBuying pearls wholesale is possible but by definition a wholesaler sells to those who on sell so if you are a consumer then strictly speaking you are not buying pearls wholesale.

Having said that many dealers call themselves wholesalers in order to attract more customers and it pays therefore to really check out the prices asked by both normal dealers and ‘wholesalers’.

Knowing and understanding peals, the various types and qualities available is a first step to being able to find good quality pearls.

What sort of pearls does one want? Freshwater? Tahitian, or Akoya for example. Then checking out the various dealers and what they have to offer. Even in a particular type of pearl there can be a big variation in quality and therefore price.

Shopping around and checking the dealers, the merchandise they have and how much they want for it.

Take notes and do some comparisons. This will go along way to helping you to find the best deal possible.

There is nothing like doing due diligence when shopping for pearls.

And remember, there is really no such thing as ‘wholesale pearls’ unless you are also a trader. Most of the traders are aware of each other and deal with each other.

However there are wholesale traders who will also sell to the customer. One needs to seek them out. All part of the work required to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Buying pearls wholesale is possible but it does take just a little bit of work!

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