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Buying Appraised Pearl Jewelry

Appraised Pearl JewelryIt is a wise man that covers all his bets and a wise man will buy appraised pearl jewelry rather than something just advertised online or “off the street”.

You don’t need to know all about pearls to know that some pearls are better than others. There are literally millions of pearls now available, the vast majority being cultivated pearls, and most of them are not of the best quality available but with appraised pearl jewelery at least you know exactly what you are getting.

As well as the jewelers in your home town or city, there are many sites available that offer these services even to the point of inviting you to call the gemological appraiser to verify their credentials.

Some of the points to look for when buying pearls are:

A bona fide dealer in pearls. Especially on line. Is the dealer or jeweler a member of the Better Business Bureau for example.

Does the dealer have a fixed address and contact names and phone numbers?

Do they have a code of ethics clearly displayed?

Is there a returns policy whereby you can return the pearl jewelry if you are unsatisfied and get your money back?

What Gemological Laboratory is providing the certificates? Is it bona fide?

There are two basic types of appraisal. The Preliminary Report. Here an independent GIA Laboratory will do an independent appraisal of your pearl including an independent opinion of quality, physical characteristics and approximate retail value of your item.

The other type of appraisal is an Insurance appraisal. This is dopne specifically for insurance purposes and are usually accepted by insurance companies for insurance purposes.

Appraisals generally take around 1 to 2 weeks and the appraisal is usually sent to you separately to the item being appraised.

The costs vary but you can expect to pay around 100 to 150 dollars for an appraisal.

when buying appraised pearl jewelry is a much more secure way to go and to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

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