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Single Black Pearl Necklace

Single Black Pearl NecklaceA single black pearl necklace is not seem very often but does have that elegance and simplicity that goes with good taste.

When buying black pearls there are a number of things to watch for.

Sometimes you can get a poor quality white pearl that has been dyed. This is not immediately noticeable but as the dye wears off white will begin to appear on the surface. Usually an inferior or a less quality pearl has been used for this purpose. One needs to be sure that the black pearl is not a dyed one otherwise you will be paying much more for a pearl than it is worth.

If possible try and get a certificate or at least a guarantee in writing from the jeweler, that the pearl is a genuine black pearl and find out where it originated or came from.

Black cultured pearls actually come from Polynesian waters and originate from the black-lipped Pinctada Margaritifera species of pearl oyster specifically cultivated in the many lagoons of French Polynesia.

Despite being called black, there is quite a variety of colors which can range from light gray to a dark gray to the more well known black. There are also blue and green and even pink overtones available although these are rare and quote costly.

Specifically in French Polynesian the term, “Tahiti Cultured Pearl” is reserved exclusively for cultured pearls obtained from the grafting of the locally cultivated Pinctada Margaritifera pearl oyster. These pearls have a continuous pearly layer of at least 80% of their surface and do not reveal either the nucleus or the seed of the nucleus. Any other pearl that does not satisfy this criteria may not be called a “Tahiti Cultured Pearl” and will be considered a rejected pearl.

If you get a single black pearl necklace it can look rather splendid with the right clothes and can make an elegant fashion statement.

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