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What to Wear with Black Pearls

What to Wear with Black PearlsSometimes people ask, what to wear with black pearls? This is an important question and the answer depends largely on why you are wearing black pearls.

If you are wearing cloths to complement the black Pearls or wearing the black pearls to complement the clothes.

For both reasons it is very much a matter of taste and perception. Sometimes contrasting clothes will set off the pearls to look very striking. Sometimes a basic black or white might be the look you are seeking.

To set off the pearls you will need black pearls that are of the highest quality. Several strings as a black pearl necklace may require something more subdued in the way of dress to accentuate the pristine beauty of the black pearls.

On the other hand if you have a dress that you particularly want to show off then black pearls may be the way to complement that dress.

Always ensure you have excellent quality black pearls, not dyed but naturally black and that they are set or stringed properly. Keeping your pearls in good condition is important too. Do not clean them with abrasives or detergents. Pearls are susceptible to chemicals so no acids should be used. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner. It is well to clean your pearls regularly with warm soapy water and rinsed well and dried gently on a piece of cloth. Do not use a dryer as pearls contain water among other things and if they dry out too much can go brittle and crack.

You choose what to wear with black pearls, it is really up to you and you have complete choice in the matter.

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