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Appraised Quality Pearl Jewelry

Appraised Quality Pearl JewelryAppraised quality pearl jewelry is that pearl jewelery that has been appraised by a jeweler or a gemological laboratory and an assessment of the qualities of the jewelery and the considered value given.

Actually the jewelery is not appraised as a whole but the pearl, for example, will be appraised and any other gems also appraised separately.

In any appraisal it is far better to have the pearl or pearls and gemstones being appraised, separated from the mountings. Prongs and the mounting itself can cover up flaws which the appraiser may not pick up. Especially with pearls and diamonds.

In a pearl necklace, for example, the holes cut in the pearls can tell you if the quality is good or poor. If the holes are roughly drilled then the quality of the pearl is poor and may even be a fake. If the hole is perfectly round and smooth it is likely to be a excellent pearl. Other tests are used by appraisers of course and reliance is not placed simply upon one particular test for the quality and value of the pearl.

As is done with diamonds a series of tests are performed to establish the type and quality of the pearl and its approximate value thereby.

In any purchase of pearls in any setting or loose, an appraisal certificate, particularly for expensive quality pearls, is a must not only to establish the authenticity of the pearl but also for insurance purposes so that the replacement value can be established. You an get an appraisal for insurance purposes separately to a usual appraisal also.

When looking for appraised quality pearl jewelery keep in mind that the setting and the metal used, such as gold, platinum etc, will also need to be taken into account. You need to know the quality and karat type if gold for example.

Provided you practice some due diligence then it is not difficult to get appraised quality pearl jewelry

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