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Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Akoya Pearl JewelryYou don’t have to know all about pearls to appreciate Akoya pearl jewelry.

Akoya pearls are a special cultivated pearl produced from Japanese pearl farms. They are produced from the akoya-gai oyster (hence the name) or by the name, Pinctada martensii.

The Akoya pearl is a high quality pearl with very few in any blemishes and have a beautiful luster.

Due to the high quality they are ideal for pearl jewelry and look splendid in a good 18 karat gold or pure platinum setting.

As with any jewelery the setting of prongs or claws holding the pearl should be firm without digging into the pearl and ruining the luster with marks or scratches. Look at a number of settings. Sometime glue is used to set a pearl and this is a sign of a poor quality setting and likely a poor quality pearl.

Akoya pearls are ideal for string necklaces due to their uniformity in size and shape. However one should never mix Akoya pearls with freshwater pearls as the akoya pearl is bigger, smoother and more lustrous and the difference, when placed side by side is quite noticeable.

When buying Akoya pearl jewelry ensure you get a certificate guaranteeing the origin and condition of the pearl jewelery. You will need this also if you are going to insure the akoya pearl jewelry.

Cleaning akoya pearl jewelry is an important part of owning pearls. Never use any chemicals or bleaches or even ultrasonic cleaners. These can all ruin the pearl which is from a living organism and sensitive to chemicals. Warm soapy water and left to dry out naturally on a soft cloth is the best way to go. Better not to let them dry out completely as they can crack and lose their luster.

With a little common sense you can buy some beautiful Akoya pearl jewelry and get a great deal of enjoyment from it.

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