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Where to Sell Pearl Necklaces

Where to Sell Pearl NecklacesWhere to sell pearl necklaces is a question commonly asked and there are various places one can do so.

Knowing the value of a pearl necklace and what one should get for it is important. Perhaps even having a valuation or appraisal done would be a good move before you start advertising it is for sale.

There are five main places to sell a pearl necklace.

Privately - to friends and relations
Through a newspaper – the classifieds
To a dealer or jeweler
By auction – both online or not
Pawn shop

Probably the first place to sell is to friends and relations. They often are aware of your pearl necklace and may even have had an eye on it. If any are interested you would likely get a better price than if you sold to a dealer or through an auction.

Although you would expect to get the best price, the worse place to try and sell any jewelery is through the newspaper. The classifieds. It is a hit and miss affair and you do not know who you are dealing with. It costs money to advertise and you would need to establish the authenticity of the buying. Something not always easy to do.

A dealer is safer but you are unlikely to get the best price. The dealer has to on sell the piece and he has to make his slice of the cake as does the wholesaler or other dealer he on sells it too. Rarely do they resell themselves.

An online auction is somewhat hit an miss. You might get a great price for it but, unless tyou put a reserve price on it and possibly not sell it at all, you may sell it for much less than it is worth.

For a good piece however a physical auction, such as Sotheby’s for example, is a good start as they will advise you of the value and possible price it may fetch. You can also put it in with other jewelry and be assured of prospects being there that are looking for such items. Less of a hit and miss affair.

The worse place of all is the pawn shop. If your lucky you will get perhaps ten percent of the value of the piece so this is only a place to go if one is in dire desperation.

Selling privately is the best option usually. The either a dealer or a physical auction as a second alternative.

An online auction if you cannot sell any other way and as for the pawn shop. It is better not to sell your pearl necklace at all.

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