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Sterling Silver Quality Pearl Jewelry

Sterling Silver Quality Peal JewelryYou don’t need to know all about pearls to know about sterling silver quality pearl jewelry.

You only need to know a little about pearls, such as the information on this web site, and some information about sterling silver .

Sterling silver is an English term that applies to silver that is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. This is distinctly different to fine silver which is a minimum of 99.9 percent pure. Stirling silver usually applies to cutlery, pots pans, candle sticks, chains etc. It does not refer to silver coins which should be at least 99 percent silver.

It often refers to silver jewelery of course and that is what is meant by Stirling Silver Quality jewelry.

When buying sterling silver quality pearl jewelry ensure that the silver is sterling silver and is labeled as such. This is more durable than purse silver which is softer and can be damaged and tarnish easier.

The pearls should be of good quality, any Pearls would be suitable, natural or cultivated, freshwater or Tahitian, large or small. It is really a matter of taste.

One should ensure that the pearls are of good quality and are accompanied by a certificate of appraisal from a good independent gemological laboratory both to ensure they are genuine and for insurance purposes.

One can easily buy ready made jewelry but also it is nice to be able to design and make up or have made up jewelry to ones specifications.

In any event, some common sense and due diligence correctly applied will help to ensure that you get the sterling silver quality pearl jewelry you desire and which will give you many hours of pleasure.

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