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Where to Sell Pearl Necklaces - More Information

Where to Sell Pearl Necklaces – More informationSometimes people would like to know where to sell pearl necklaces.

It can happen that one has a pearl necklace that is no longer wanted, either due to being no longer suitable or perhaps for economic reasons.
Sao where does one sell a p[earl necklace?

There are a number of ways to sell a pearl necklace. Each have their good and bad points but I imagine, from the viewpoint of getting the best price here is a list going from good to bad.

Privately to friends or relations
Through what I call a living auction such as Sotheby’s
On eBay or a similar online Auction.
To a jeweler or dealer
Through the classifieds
To a pawn shop.

Privately is usually the best way. The buyer is usually someone you know and can trust and also who is interested in having the jewelry. Perhaps they have admired it from afar and would be delighted to have it. They will tend to pay the best price.

A living auction, especially if it is an auction that features or specializes in such items and therefore will attract those who are interested in buying it, will usually get the best price available.

An online auction is the next best. As with any auction of this type ensure you know or can establish who the buyer is. The brilliant feedback system employed by eBay is excellent and gives you some way of establishing the authenticity of the buyer.

Of course you can always sell to a jeweler or dealer. You will not get the same value of course as the dealer will want to make his own profit and usually on sells the piece to another dealer or a wholesale dealer. If you get more than a third of the value for the piece you would be very lucky.

With the classifieds the main difficulty there is that you do not know with whom you are dealing. The only way to sell through the classifieds is with cash on the nail. No checks or other instruments. If you are aware of the value of a piece then an exchange is possible.

The very last place to sell anything is the second hand shop or pawn shop. Here you will get 10 percent of the value, if you are lucky! The pawn shop is only for the very desperate.

Before one sells a pearl necklace however, it is a good idea to find out the value and even get a certificate of appraisal from an independent gemological laboratory if the piece is very valuable.

Knowing the above will help to you find out where to sell pearl necklaces.

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