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Single Strand Pearl Illusion Necklace

Single Strand Pearl Illusion NecklaceA good quality single strand pearl illusion necklace has that subtlety not often seen with pearl jewelry and when you find it, it is worth while taking notice and maybe acquiring one for yourself.

Illusion Jewelry is that style of jewelry which is just there and not too evident. It is subtle and delicate. A single strand pearl illusion necklace will contain few pearls and the string that holds them together is almost invisible so all you really see is the pearls themselves.

Great care is needed when handling such jewelry especially when cleaning. It is easy to break the strand on which the pearls and held and cleaning pearls takes some care and attention. Pearls are the result of living organisms and react to skin oils and such things as perfumes and creams. A very gentle warm wash in a small bowl of water and dried out, but not too much and definitely not force dried was with a hair dryer. Pearls need to be moist and if dried too much with crack and become brittle. If in doubt it is better to take them to a professional pearl cleaner.

When buying a single strand pearl illusion necklace ensure that a certificate of appraisal from an independent gemological laboratory accompanies the purchase so that you are assured of the quality of the pearls. Most pearls used in jewelery these days are cultivated and achieve a uniformity that is quite suitable for necklaces. Natural pearls can and are used in making necklaces but as they are much rarer and getting a number of natural pearls all the same size and type is very difficult so the cost is proportionately higher.

The main point is that you want to be assured that the pearls are genuine and have a suitable clean look and luster.

A single strand pearl illusion necklace can look very classy and sophisticated in the right circumstances and if you can get a really good quality one you will get many hours of enjoyment from it.

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