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Giving a Pearl Necklace

Giving a Pearl NecklaceWhen it comes to giving a pearl necklace it is a good idea to check out the range of pearl necklaces available and find one that is going to give the most pleasure.

A pearl necklace can range from a single pearl on a gold or platinum chain to multiple strands of pearls numbering up to 30 pearls or more.

To find the right pearl necklace to give, is not too difficult with pearls. They come mostly in white and black which tends to go with anything and is easy, therefore, to look really beautiful and enhance the neck of any woman.

It is a good idea also to take into account the neck of the lady. A very thin neck would do better with the single strand or single pearl even. A larger thicker neck can carry off a multi stranded necklace better.

Probably price will be the main criteria here. How much do you want to spend? This will determine the type and quantity of pearls you can give. There is the Akoya pearls or the freshwater pearls or the black Tahitian pearls for example, all look absolutely splendid.

Ensure you get a certificate with the pearls you buy to ensure that they are genuine and can be insured for the right value.

Pick a good dealer. If you are going to buy online then ensure the seller has a fixed address and contactable phone number. Also that they have a returns policy so that you can retrieve your funds if the necklace never arrives or is not what you ordered when it does arrive. When you get the necklace take it to a jeweler or pearl dealer to establish that it is genuine. There are articles on this site to help you find out if a pearl is genuine or not also.

If buying from auction establishing if the seller is genuine or not is important. If from eBay, what sort of seller are they? What is their feedback like. Very important questions.

Provided you do some due diligence and apply a little common sense then giving a pearl necklace can be a fun and enjoyable activity.

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