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Estate Platinum Graduated Pearl Necklace Art Deco

Estate Platinum Graduated Pearl Necklace Art DecoEstate platinum graduated pearl necklace art deco in reality means a pearl necklace that reflects the art deco of the era. As distinct to other periods, such as the Edwardian, the Art Deco period favored more geometric and boldly designed necklaces. Such designs are becoming popular again as people seek out something different and striking against the current fashion.

There are two types of course. The original and the recently designed “in the style of” which is somewhat cheaper and easier to get. Original Art Deco jewelry is usually obtained from auctions and dealers who tend to specialize in that sort of jewelry and will be more expensive not just due to age but the fact that the pearls are more likely to be natural than cultivated. This will tend to make them more expensive.

“In the style of” will feature more perfectly shaped pearls but these will be cultivated and of course cheaper.

Platinum will maintain its value of course and is currently around twice the price of pure gold. It is also more long lasting so any original estate platinum graduated pearl necklace Art Deco jewelry should be in very good condition with little if any wear.

If someone offers you such a piece and there is plenty of wear on it and the platinum appears dull, the pearls appear bland then be aware that this is likely not original and could even be fake.

Such pieces should be appraised by an independent jewelry or gem laboratory, which will assess such pieces and pearls just as much as gems and diamonds, and give you a report on the genuiness and quality of the piece.

It is possible to find some excellent pieces with some scouting around and attending some jewelry auctions.

In fact, seeking out and finding genuine estate platinum graduated pearl necklace art deco can be a fun occupation and could also net you a fine piece at a modest sum with some patience and due diligence.

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