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Wholesale Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Wholesale Tahitian Pearl NecklacesWholesale Tahitian pearl necklaces are very popular and easily available online but it is important to be very clear about what they are and what is actually being offered.

You don’t have to know all about pearls but you have to know some things. For example, there are a few different grades of Tahitian pearls and if the price is cheap and the grade is not mentioned you can bet that it is of a lower grade and or poor quality.

This means you are not getting a decent pearl but one that has discoloration (despite how beautiful it may look on the screen) and visible flaws which show up when worn.

When buying any pearls ensure that you get a certificate with the pearls to show the grade and quality of the pearl and the value.

There is really no such thing as wholesale Tahitian pearl necklaces to the public. Wholesale selling is only transacted between dealers, wholesale and retail. What may be advertised is ‘wholesale prices’. Another way of offering a discount or sale price. Again be careful of what you buy as cheap pearls are just that cheap pearls. No one is going to sell a pearl necklace of any real value for less than it is worth.

Check if the seller is genuine. Do they have a fixed address and contactable phone number? Do they have a returns policy where you can return the goods if unsatisfied and get a full refund? Do they accept credit cards so you have a verifiable transaction and can get the credit card company to reverse the charge if the goods do not arrive or the seller reneges on the transaction.

It pays to understand a little about pearls and to do some due diligence before you buy. Check out lots of jewelers and websites. Know what the grades are and what grade the pearls you are looking at come under.

When you get the pearls take them for an independent assessment. Find out their true worth.

A little common sense and some patience can be very rewarding and you can be buy some wholesale Tahitian pearl necklaces that are worth having!

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