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How to Buy Freshwater Pearls Cheaply

How to Buy Freshwater Pearls CheaplySome people ask how to buy freshwater pearls cheaply. This is not as hard as it seems.

A few criteria here. Firstly have in mind exactly what you are looking for. A pearl necklace perhaps. How many strings? What size pearls? Or maybe some pearl earrings. Again what size pearls and what type of precious metal to hang the pearls from? The first step is to know what you want.
A number of places to find cheaper pearls are at auctions. Sometimes pearls will go for a very reasonable price. You do need to check that they are genuine pearls of course and not fake or imitation. Examples of where it says “pearl like”, for example, give you an indication that they are not real pearls but are only just similar.

And checking the various jewelers in the local areas and online can often net you a good result. It is really a case of doing some research and looking around. You might find some jewelers will have the same set of pearls you are looking for and there can be a big difference in the price from one jeweler to another.

There are also different types of pearls, Mikimoto, for example, are among the most expensive. Mikimoto pearls are referred to as ‘Hanadama’ or Flower pearls very often and this tends to indicate the finest quality of pearls which Mikimoto is considered to be. Unless you are really determined to have the most expensive there is no need to get Mikimoto pearls.

Sometimes you can find freshwater pearls in private sales or ‘estate sales’. These would likely be older pearls so would deserve some inspection to ensure they are not worn or the lustre has gone. Antique pearls can be quite large and are often natural pearls rather than cultivated and therefore could be worth a lot more.

It is a good idea to get a certificate if you can when you are offered natural pearls.

With a bit of due diligence and some patient searching it is not too hard to buy freshwater pearls cheaply.

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