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Where to Buy Pearls

Where to Buy PearlsWhere to buy pearls can make a difference as to what quality of pearls you buy and how much they cost.
Of the types of pearls you can buy the most common is now the cultured pearl and this type of pearl has put pearl jewelery within the reach of most people.
Before cultured pearls only natural pearls were available and these were, and still are, very expensive.

There are many shops, locally and online where one can go to buy pearls. Firstly it is a case of decided what you want in the way of pearl jewelery. Is it a necklace or perhaps a pearl ring? Or some other type of pearl jewelery? Something to celebrate a particular event or even as a present for a loved one.
There is always the budget of course and deciding how much you are going to spend. All these factor make a difference to what you end up buying. The sales pitch of the shop should make no difference of course but often does.

So having worked out what you want and how much you can spend, Scouring the internet is a good way to do this as you can get really familiar with the types of pearls and price available and can get a good idea of what you want that way.

Then finding out where the local jewelery shops are that specialize in pearls or have a good extensive range of pearls and someone in the shop who knows something about them would be ideal.

If you like antique pearl jewelery, sometimes you can get great natural pearls at auctions. You will need to scour the newspapers for some local auctions, especially antique style and jewelery auctions. There are many ways or tactics of bidding at auctions but definitely you have a fix high price in mind and do not go above that price. I think it is better to wait and bid at the last minute to catch the last bid without pushing the price up. Never get into a bidding war with another bidder. Only the auction house wins then. Not the bidders.

Basically it is a matter of common sense. Where is the best place to buy pearls largely depends on what pearls you want and how much you want to pay for them.

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