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Pearls of Wisdom


Pearls of Wisdom is a well known saying relating to the fact that pearls are valuable and that any words or information that is useful and valuable to have are ‘pearls’ of wisdom.

Pearls are valuable due to their rarity and beauty. They are much prized and a high quality pearl necklace can fetch many thousands of dollars. Some types of pearls include:

Akoya pearl oysters (Pinctada fucata)

Black Lip Pearl shell (Pinctada margaritifera)
Freshwater mussel (Hydriopsis schlegeli)
Large winged pearl shell (Pteria penguin)
Abalone (Notohaliotis discus)
Golden Lip pearl shell or white lip pearl shell (Pinctada maxima)

Pearls come in two forms, natural and cultivated. These days the cultivated can cost more than the natural but an old or early natural pearl can be very valuable. When buying pearls you should check what type of pearl it is. You can get it x-rayed. Then you can see if it is a natural or a cultivated pearl by the grit inside. If the grit inside is perfectly round you know that it is a cultivated pearl. Grit in a natural pearl will not be perfectly spherical but will be just a piece of grit the pearl ingested.

Here are some ‘pearls of wisdom.’

Other things to check is the quality of the nacre, or coating, and the roundness of the pearl. Imitation pearls are often made of mother of pearl or conch or even glass with a coating of fish scales. Easy for a pearl jeweler to spot.

It is probably better to buy pearls from a jewelers that tends to specialize in pearls. Sometimes you can fine a jeweler that deals exclusively in pearls and these will know more about and will be able to guide you better than a standard jeweler in the ‘Mall’ than sells lot of different types of jewelry.

Also keep in mind your budget and how much you want to spend. Decide, if possible what you want before going into the jewelers. That way you buy what you want, not what the jeweler wants to sell you.

Do some due diligence on pearls is a good idea. There is a heap of information on this site all about pearls and you could save a heap of money by understanding more about pearls.

The above could probably be called pearls of wisdom.

Pearls of Wisdom

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