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Buying Pearls Online

Buying Pearls OnlineIf you intend buying pearls online then there are a few pointers that may be helpful and worth looking at.

Ensure the website has the following to start with:

1. A privacy policy and a policy on terms and conditions. These should both be read and understood no matter how boring they may be.

2. The checkout page where you enter your credit card details should be a https page and not a http page. This means it is encrypted and will tend to be more secure. Keep in mind that with internet purchases you are no signing anything so the onus is on the seller to substantiate the sale. If you are dissatisfied with any sale such as it being fraudulent then you can ask the credit company to retrieve your funds. This is called a charge back and is not good for the merchant so most merchants now go out of their way to ensure that the service and product are all they are cracked up to be.

3. Check the seller has a returns policy. Generally speaking a returns policy will state how long it is. A seller that has a Returns Policy that exceeding the legal minimum 7 working days is likely to inspire more confidence. 10 to 30 days returns are widely used.

4. The website should provide full contact details – This means a physical address that can be verified, a phone number where you can talk to an actual person and an email address that does not bounce.

5. Buying pearls online should include a certificate of authenticity that shows the pearls are

a. Genuine, and
b. Are of the quality advertised.

Such things as customer testimonials also inspire confidence (assuming they are true and correct . There is currently no internationally accepted grading system for pearls as there is for diamonds, so one has to be extra alert and circumspect then buying pearls online.

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