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What You Should Know Before Choosing Pearls

There are many things that people should consider when choosing pearls. In order to be able to find the best type of pearls you should know some basic education to help you be able to choose these. There are so many things that you should consider. These mean that you will need to choose the color, price, and size.

The first thing that you will want to consider is the color of pearls that you would like. The most common pearls are white. These are popular because they offer the most versatility in wear. You can wear them to important evening events or during the day. There are typically three different types of pearls that are white in color. These are Akoya, Freshwater and South Sea.

The cheapest and easiest to find white pearls are Freshwater which are grown in tanks in China. The next type of pearls are Akoya which are grown in saltwater in Japan and these are more beautiful than the other. However the most beautiful white pearl are those that are from the South Sea. These are from natural sources in Australia and are the most expensive white pearls on the market.

There are also black pearls to consider. There are two types of black pearls which are Black Akoya and Black Tahitian. Those that are grown in tanks in Japan still have a beautiful color and are called Black Akoya. The Black Tahitian are much more valuable and some of the most unique pearls on the market.

There are only two other colors of pearls. These include the golden South Sea pearls which have a beautiful and unique golden color and the pink lavender which are produced in Freshwater conditions.

Once you have found the color of pearl that you want you are ready to start thinking about the price range that you are wanting to spend. You can actually find freshwater strands for low as forty nine dollars while Akoya pearls range from ninety nine dollars to three thousand dollars and South Sea pearls range from two thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars.

The last thing that you will want to consider is the size of the pearls. This is something that can not be communicated unless you are to see the size and comment about how you like them. You can from there instruct whether you would like something smaller or larger or the same size. Remember that finding the perfect set of pearls is something that is anyone’s reach and can fall in anyone’s budget.

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