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Biwa Pearl Necklace

Biwa Pearl NecklacePearls are a wonderful gemstone. They miraculously grow inside an oyster and emerge as a beautiful and lustrous gem. Biwa pearls are used to make many kinds of jewelery: rings, bracelets, and finally, a biwa pearl necklace. The world’s oldest gemstone, the pearl is June’s birthstone and is an alternative gemstone for the months of April, November and July.

Because of its popularity, many sought different types of pearls. As luck would have it, there were two types of pearls: cultured and freshwater pearls. Cultured pearls receive help from man to form. Freshwater pearls occur naturally in nature and are therefore more valued. Biwa pearls also emerged out of Biwa, Japan. According to experts, the quality of biwa pearls is often much higher than that of freshwater and cultured pearls, and in many cases, sell for less than other types of pearls.

Of course, knowing what a biwa pearl is will help any jewelery lover make a wise and informed decision, when buying a pearl necklace. It was said by ancient civilizations that the pearl came into being when a single drop of rain fell from the moon. According to cultural legends, that drop of rain formed the heart of an oyster, creating a beautiful gem that represents astral and divine beings.

Of course, the key to finding quality biwa pearls is in knowing what to look for. Biwa pearls are shaped differently than a perfectly-sphere pearl. They are longer and less evenly shaped than most other pearls. They can be shaped like jagged teeth. They can also be off white, pure white or dark brown in color.

If you want to buy a biwa pearl necklace, it is important to know what you want. Often, you can buy pearl jewelery on live internet auctions. You can browse these auctions and get a feel for how desirable they are to consumers. If the bidding is quick, with multiple bidders competing for the same piece, it may be hard to snag a great deal right away.

Watch the live bidding on auction sites and compare final bidding prices to fixed retail rates. Fixed prices are likely to be much higher, especially if the piece is intricate. One problem with fixed price biwa pearls is that you may pay an arm and a leg on shipping fees, on top of an already high retail price.
If online or catalog prices are simply too high, be sure to shop around for the style that appeals most to you. You can buy a biwa pearl necklace with flat biwa pearls. This type of necklace will go well with a dress or professional attire. They can also complement a casual outfit, if the necklace fits close to the neck. You can buy long and short necklaces that feature biwa pearls. These can feature pearls of different color variations, including tones of off white and lavender.

Necklace dresses are all the rage today. Many necklace dresses feature pearl jewelery and oftentimes, a biwa pearl necklace.

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