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Buy Cultured Pearls

Buy Cultured PearlsIf you’re looking to buy cultured pearls, you probably have something you want in mind. Maybe it’s a necklace, earrings, or a simple solitaire ring. Before you begin searching for freshwater pearl jewelery, there are a few things you should know. According to experts, Japan once produced almost all cultured pearls in the world, but that has changed.

Man now has the ability to help the pearl growth process along, experts say. To do this, an oyster is taken out of the sea and is implanted with a substance to irritate the oyster. Through this process, a pearl grows. Once the irritant is implanted, the oyster is put back into the sea or some other body of water, where the pearl continues to grow. You should be careful, before buying a cultured pearl. Experts recommend visiting a reputable jeweler, as opposed to a flea market or random online retailer. A reputable, local jeweler will be able to provide you with specifics about how the pearl was grown and the quality of the stone.

However, buying cultured pearls can be tricky business. A high quality cultured pearl will have a bright, shiny surface, as opposed to a dull exterior. Cultured pearls also come in different color variations. Colors range from bright white to black. A high quality pearl usually has a bright luster.
If you buy cultured pearls for your wedding, look for brightness. A bright shine will complement a dress much better than a dull one. A bright pearl necklace will radiate from the neckline. Shorter pearl necklaces look great with strapless wedding gowns, because they draw the eye up to the face. When paired with a long, flowing gown, cultured pearls complete a look. However, it’s important to be careful. Don’t buy dark cultured pearls, as this may not go well with a wedding dress.

Also pay attention to prices. Many retailers sell cultured pearl necklaces on clearance. This is a great way to avoid paying huge prices. If clearance items are not exactly what you’re looking for, you may be able to buy an inexpensive piece and have the pearls removed. That way, you can start from scratch and mount the pearls in a setting that appeals to you. Not only does this save money; it gives you the opportunity to customize your jewelery wardrobe to match your own personality and style.

Of course, finding what you want is not always difficult. Many wholesale websites, such as, sell beautiful pearl jewelery at prices that are much lower than traditional jewelers. Because of this, you may be able to afford an entire jewelery outfit—one that includes a ring, a necklace and a bracelet. You can get an entire outfit for the price of one piece of jewelery by shopping at wholesale retailers.

Whether you buy cultured pearls for yourself or a loved one, finding the best quality pearl is of prime importance, if you want a piece of jewelery you won’t tire of. Using these simple tips will help you to decide which cultured pearls to buy.

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