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Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces

Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces

If you’re a pearl lover, you are probably looking for lustrous fresh water pearl necklaces.  As June’s birthstone, pearls are unique in the sense that it takes time for one to be made.  Under prime conditions, a fresh water pearl is grown and is ultimately made into a pearl necklace—one that most likely will withstand the test of time. 

The thing to remember, though, is that there are a wide variety of pearl necklaces available.  The most common is a strand of fresh water pearls.  Most often they are bright white and are quite popular for weddings and other dressy occasions.  Another thing to remember is that pearl necklaces come with different sized pearls.

Seven to eight millimeter pearls are quite popular, but you can also find a fresh water pearl necklace with eight to nine millimeter pearls.  These tend to look better when they are strung on a slightly shorter chain, such as a 16-inch necklace.  When fresh water pearl necklaces fit tight to the neckline, they create a nice look that goes well with either dressy or casual attire. 

You can also find fresh water pearls in different colors.  In addition to bright white, you can find them in colors of bronze and gold.  You can also find necklaces that combine different colors of fresh water pearls, to create a two or three-tone look.  Of course, retailers that carry this combination are few.  Some online websites offer this combination.  You can find them by doing a search on “fresh water pearl necklace.” 

You can find fresh water pearl necklaces in a wide variety of designs.  Some designers attach a charm or a dangly piece to the necklace.  This gives the piece a distinct and often dressier look.  Of course, this is not for everyone.  While a strand of round pearls is the most popular, you can also find pearl necklaces with elongated pearls that at times resemble teeth.  Many fresh water pearl necklaces incorporate agate and jade.  These are quite beautiful and look great with a pink or blue outfit.  This can also complement  jeans quite well. 

However, another thing you should be aware of is price.  According to gem experts, fresh water pearl jewelery can range in price from $20.00 to as much as $150.00.  This, of course, will depend on the quality and size of the pearls.  Lustrous white pearls tend to be more expensive, because they are so highly desired.  Darker pearl necklaces tend to be less expensive.  Price will also depend on how many pearls the necklace contains.  Any extra designs or filigree work will drive up the price.

Fresh water pearl necklaces are a must have for every jewelry lover.  When they are paired with diamonds, pearl necklaces look dressier and go well with a big occasion, such as a wedding or retirement ceremony.  Whatever the occasion, pearls go quite well as an accessory.

A good place to visit for some excellent examples of fresh water pearl necklaces is Zoara Pearls. Here you can see what sort of prices one can pay for good quality pearl necklaces.



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