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Rose Colored Pearl

Rose Colored Pearl EarringsHistory of Pearls
Many stories have been said about pearls but none as famous as the story about Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen who dissolved pearls in wine in order to consume the wealth of the nation in a meal. Famed for its social standing in Rome and its powers of love in Greece, ancient history records how noble maidens gifted pearls to gallant knights as protection before they went to battle. The Europeans passed a law banning anyone except nobility from wearing pearls. More recent history shows that Jacques Cartier the famous jeweler bought his shop in New York in 1916 for the exchange of two pearl necklaces.

Different types of Pearls
Classic and elegant pearls should be a part of any woman’s wardrobe. Depending on the color of the skin, pearls have the ability to make a stunning impact on any woman regardless of age. We always hear of the distinction between natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls are almost extinct now due to all oceans being polluted, and if you do find the rare natural pearl, it will be beyond most people’s pocket whereas the cultured sea water pearls grown and nurtured by Mikimoto, has come to be known as the finest pearls in the modern world.

The Japanese are also famous for their cultured fresh water pearls found in rivers and tributaries and can be found in some beautiful pearly colors such as pink, gold, mauve and orange with varying shapes from round, oval, to button shaped. Out of all these colors and shapes, the pink or rose tinted pearls are the most popular because the sheer femininity of it accenting a woman’s beauty and making her look gentle and vulnerable. Beautiful as they are, rose colored pearls are also very rare and therefore the most expensive of them all. Price however, does not seem to matter, when a woman can look stunningly beautiful in a pair of rose colored pearl earrings?

How to select your rose colored pearl earrings
Always go to a reputed jeweler to buy your pearl earrings because they are very valuable and you don’t want to be cheated. Rose colored pearls are not cheap; so be wary if an unbelievably low price is quoted.

If you don’t know much about pearls, go with someone who has some knowledge. The basics are that pearls come in 3 different categories; the body color, the overtone color and the iridescent color.

When buying pearl earrings, look for those that are perfectly round, smooth to the touch and has a high luster. Make sure there are no marks or blemishes other than those formed naturally.

Always check your pearls in different kinds of light, such as day light, bright lights, dim lights etc. so that you can see the different overtones of color.

Remember that rose colored pearls are in fact white pearls with just a tint of rose in it. Earrings actually bring out the pristine beauty of the pearl and are the perfect adornment to a fair skinned woman.

Rose colored pearls have different overtones that vary from peach to lavender and it is best to check them against the skin of the wearer to see what suits her best.

A bride can look enchantingly beautiful in a pair of delicate, dangling rose colored pearl earrings matched with a necklace of the same pearls to make her a vision of breathtaking beauty.

Where to Buy

Be extremely cautious when buying your pearl earrings. They are available in jewelry shops across the country or in jewelry markets where you might be able to get a better price. When it comes to pearls, never compromise on quality because the really valuable and high quality pearls do not come cheap.

You can also check for rose colored pearl earrings online or on e-bay. Do your research well and read all the reviews and comments on the website to find how reputable the store is and make sure to check if they have a refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the pearl earrings you have been sent.

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