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The Beauty of Akoya Pearls Jewelry

The Beauty of Akoya Pearls JewelryMost times the pearls in the necklace that you want to buy are most likely composed of Japanese Akoya pearls. These pearls are acclaimed worldwide for their thick nacre and intense luster and make any ordinary jewelry piece look adorable and timeless. Their unblemished shine and rich color captures your heart and accentuates your look bringing out the class, quality and elegance in you.

Akoya pearls are cultivated from salt water mollusks, generally a smaller variety of oyster known as pinctada fucata martensii. Japan and China are the leading producers of such pearls but nowadays such pearls are cultivated in Korea and Sri Lanka too. If you are planning to buy Japanese Akoya pearls then be aware that such pearls are the highest occurring rounded pearls amongst the cultured pearls. Such pearls are also relatively shinier and bigger than any other pearl types available in the market, so if you plan to buy one of these then definitely you would get the best value for your money.

The standard size of Akoya pearls is within the range of 3mm-9mm and they are available in a wide variety of colors. Even in the dimmest of lights such pearls reflect its aura and display interesting color contrasts as they have a minimum of 0.35 nacre thickness. This also contributes to it having the highest luster amongst all pearls. The color of the pearls is very important in determining their price. Light pink pearls are the costliest while dark cream or yellow pearls fetch 50% lower prices compared to white or pink. Green pearls are not much in favor and sometimes their prices can go down bya considerable amount. Again, Japanese Akoya pearls are costlier than Chinese Akoya pearls. So you need to ask yourself what color suits you and your pocket best and then plan to buy yourself that special Akoya pearl.

Although Akoya pearls are cultured you must understand that cultured pearls are not fake pearls and they are no less superior in quality than natural pearls. However, while buying pearls be wary of pearl dealers who try to pass of painted glass or plastic pieces as pearls and try to dupe you of your money. Synthetic pearls are not cultured pearls so you must never buy them. While buying your pearl you can ask the dealer to scrape off the surface a bit to reveal whether the piece is original or fake. If the pearl is original then no real harm would come out of it except for some powdered debris, whereas if the pearl were to be fake then the scraping would reveal the glass or plastic bead beneath.

Finally, one must be aware that the price of jewelry depends on its variety and Akoya pearls are available in a wide range of colors and varieties to choose from. You first need to fix your budget and then you can search online to select the exact piece of jewelry fitted with the pearls that best suit your needs. So get going today and let the beauty of pearls endorse you and make you look all the more beautiful.

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