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Black Pearls

all about pearls logoPearls are making a big comeback in the world of fashion and the Black Pearl is like the basic black of the dress fashion world. Black Pearls, on the right skin tone and with the right clothes can make a very sophisticated fashion statement.

Black pearls mostly originate from the South Pacific. Also called South Sea Pearls or Tahitian Pearls, black pearls get their luster from the grayish black nacre of the oyster shell.

This black lipped mother of pearl shell is a native of the South Pacific thriving in the clear and relatively unpolluted waters of the south sea lagoons surrounding such islands as the northern Cook island of Manihiki and Penrhyn for example.

Growing pearls is a very skilled process and must be carefully done as it is also a long process and an oyster incorrectly seeded will result in either no or a poor quality and virtually useless pearl after 2 or 3 years of care and cultivation.

The oysters are collected and each one is individual seeded by a trained technician by carefully placing within the oyster a tiny amount of crushed Mississippi freshwater clam and a mantle of oyster flesh from another oyster. This is what lays down the mother-of-pearl coating, the nacre in other words. The mantle then creates a pouch around the nucleus and over 3 years more or less, the oyster puts thousands of layers of nacre over the deposit. This is what creates the pearl. The black is from a black substance secreted by the oyster during the coating process

Pearl seeders are usually Japanese and extremely highly skilled. They command some of the best salaries in the world with many earning a million dollars a year and they are highly in demand being booked several years in advance.

Over the next 2 to 3 years the oysters are cared for to ensure they are kept stress free of algae and barnacles etc, and at the end of the period the pearl is extracted and the oyster is again seeded for the next pearl

Black Pearls make an excellent accessory to virtually any style but it very important that when buying pearls you ensure the seller supplies you with a certificate of authenticity. You need to know that the pearls are genuine and not just very good simulations.

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